Sandrine Georges Bentzen

On weekends and without exception, Sandrine is out climbing a mountain  — on skis, on foot or with climbing gear. She's a true outdoor and mountain lover! Our founder Sigrid had the pleasure of speaking with her.

Have being outdoors and skiing always been an important part of your life?

I learned to ski at a young age and participated in my very first ski race when I was 2.5 years old. However, it is really only 10 years ago when I moved back to Waadt/ Wallis that I rediscovered my passion for mountains and the outdoors. Now I spend every free moment outdoors either skiing, climbing, ice climbing, snowboarding, canyoning or trekking.My dream project would be to learn paragliding.

How do you feel when you’re spending time in the mountains, both indoors and outdoors?

I feel great and a strong sense of belonging. Wellbeing, comfort and warmth all belong to being in the mountains.I love it because being in nature, the silence... it gives me peace. That is why you go outdoors, to find that peace. You have to be present, you forget what is going on in life. You need to be right here, right now. Your life depends on it. That clears your mind: nothing else matters. You just see and feel

How important is sustainable fashion to you? 

Sustainable fashion is more and more important to me. I used to buy too much clothing and it ended up not being used. Now I pay more attention to what I buy. It's difficult with mountain equipment: most of it made in China.
There are things I do to live more consciously. With regards to everyday clothes, for example, I now buy a lot of second hand clothing — and I buy less.

When did you make that switch?

I made a conscious switch to zero waste fashion three or four years ago. My sister in law is Norwegian and knits socks and gloves for me, it's super nice. I really try and do my best to live a more conscious life: I bring my own Tupperwares to the grocery store, for example. I pay attention to buy fresh local and products whenever I can. I need to work on driving the car — I drive too much when going up to the mountains. Those tours often start at five or six in the morning, which makes it difficult to use public transport. Instead, I try to meet my friends in the valley and share a car to drive up.

What is it that you like about Tidløs?

Friends and people I meet love it — many people ask me where I to get the clothes! I wore Tidløs for six days while skiing. It was the only sweater I brought along. And it didn’t stink. First I just liked the design and thought it would be lighter than it actually is. I'm happy it was so warm and comfortable. Skiing is a high activity sport, but the sweater still felt good. I only wore the Tidløs sweater with a wind jacket.

So would you recommend Tidløs?

Oh yes!

Sandrine also has her own blog and instragram account. Follow her here