We wear clothing directly on our skin, so it should only be natural that choosing that fabric should be done with love. For our first collection we had the unique opportunity to work with our own fabric: a fabric we believe in. The materials that our garments are made of are selected with care — and that, you can feel.

Merino Wool

Merino wool is known for its resilience, warmth and softness. The wool fibres are naturally coiled in a way that retains warmth and absorbs better than most other fibres. With a fantastic array of natural properties — Merino wool is odour neutralising, anti-static, hardly creases, protects from UV radiation, and non-irritant — Merino is an incredible basis to work with as the primary component of our fabric. Our Merino Wool is mulesing free and comes from sheep grazing on New Zealand farms.


Tencel is a natural fibre, made from eucalyptus grown on FSC-certified wood farms in South Africa. The fibres are incredibly fine and silk-like, creating a lusciously light and draping fabric with a beautiful sheen. As one of the only two components for our own fabric blend, we love the natural benefits to using Tencel: it's 100% biodegradable, moisture-absorbing for extra comfort during physical activities, odour-neutralising, and a natural alternative to elastane — making sure your garment retains its shape as you wear it again and again.


Both Tencel and Merino have strong hydrophilic properties. Our fabric absorbs moisture like no other: 2x more than Cotton, 10x better than Acrylic fibres!

For a comfortable feel even after extended activity.

Both Merino and Tencel are naturally odor-neutralising.

Making sure that even after a long day on the slopes, you won't sit alone at the restaurant.

Merino is known as the soft, non-itching alternative to wool. Yet you might be surprised how well Tencel complements it: the lyocell fibres are among the thinest and smoothest out there.

Pure Merino base layers tend to loose their shape, which is why they are often complemented by 1-2% petrol-based elastan.

Here, Tencel steps in as the 100% natural alternative.For great looks & clean fit over a long time.