There must be a better way; that's the thought Tidløs was born with. So, just as we're committed to creating the best possible product, we're committed to making every step along that way — from sourcing to production to delivery — a conscious step into a better direction.

Zero Waste

Our production process ensures that we don't have deadstock fabric or fabric waste: the yarn is directly knit into the shape of the final garment using flatbed knitting technique. That means that there is no cut-out waste or leftovers that we can’t reuse. 

Our Manufacturers

Our manufacturers are located in Austria and Lithuania. It's important to us that we work with European manufacturers to keep the production process as close to our base as possible. With regular visits and close communication, we ensure transparency and fair conditions at every step.


Our wool is sourced from mulesing free merino sheep on farms in New Zealand. The wool is spun by Schoeller in Austria.


The fibres of which our Tencel is made are a product of FSC certified wood pulp. 
The Tencel fibres are produced by Lensing in Austria. They are spun together with the merino wool yarn into a resistant, soft thread that we knit into garments.

From thread to garment

The custom-produced thread made in Austria is knit into the exact shape of our garments by Garlita in Lithuania.

Final Touches

Before your garments reach your home, we've carefully tagged them, wrapped them and shipped them. The materials we use along that part of the supply chain are chosen with care: 
The labels are printed by the environmentally conscious label manufacturer Eelabels in the Netherlands. The paper we print on is made from recycled bamboo.The bags we ship your garments in are 100% recycled and recyclable. We source them from  Packhelp in Poland.

Keeping our production close to our Swiss headquarters means that we can keep lead times short and minimise transport. It means that, at all times, we keep up to the highest standards we can aim for. We choose to be radically sustainable — we would love for you to help us made the world a better place.

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