Zero Waste

At Tidløs, we aim to reduce the impact we have on the environment while producing garments that we believe in. To do this with a clear conscience, we ensure that production doesn't turn into overproduction. While our technical aim is to minimise waste and reduce deadstock, our personal motivation is to buy consciously. 
We design and produce products that won’t go out of fashion. We don’t have a sale at the end of a season: that’s because you will be able to wear our garments next season as well.

Natural and biodegradable

Our essentials use natural and biodegradable fibres only. We really reduced our materials to the essentials: that's all we needed.

Made in Europe

All our suppliers produce in the EU. For us, this is the only way we can guarantee a fair, eco-conscious and qualitative approach within all steps of the production process.

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Transparent to our core

From the tags we use to where our fabrics are dyed to where the sheep that produce our wool graze — we think that in this complicated world, we need to be transparent about the choices we make. So that when you wear your garment with love, you’ll know that each step of the process the garment lives through — from sheep or wood pulp to the packaging — has been vetted and selected with love. That’s something you can trust us on.

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Natural Material

Our garments are made up of an incredibly soft blend of Merino wool and Tencel, called EXP Progress. It's a highly qualitative blend we're very proud of. Creating a fabric that aligns with our values was essential for us, so along the process of creating the perfect fabric composition, we gradually removed components that didn't sit right with us.
 Take Elastane for instance — a material you would usually add to a merino blend. But although highly breathable, Elastane is a plastic fibre. Instead, we chose to use a blend of Merino Wool and Tencel, making for a resistant, long-lasting soft fabric that we love to wear.

The choices we make for the composition of our fabrics are made to underline what we value most: to create simple, versatile essentials that will last as long as you care for them.

60% merino wool from New Zealand
We work with 100% mulesing free merino wool: temperature regulating, moisture absorbing, odour and wrinkle resistant and non-irritant.

40% Tencel
Made from FSC certified wood pulp. Tencel is soft, resistant, light, very breathable and 100% biodegradable.

The unbeatable
advantages of Merino Wool

Merino wool is known for its resilience, warmth and softness. The wool fibres are naturally coiled in a way that retains warmth and absorbs better than most other fibres.

With a fantastic array of natural properties — Merino wool is odour neutralising, anti-static, hardly creases, protects from UV radiation, and non-irritant — Merino is an incredible basis to work with as the primary component of our fabric. Our Merino Wool is mulesing free and comes from sheep grazing on New Zealand farms.

New thinking: 

Fabric made from wood pulp

Tencel is a natural fibre, made from FSC-certified wood pulp. The fibres are incredibly fine and silk-like, creating a lusciously light and draping fabric with a beautiful sheen.

As one of the only two components for our own fabric blend, we love the natural benefits to using Tencel: it's 100% biodegradable, moisture-absorbing for extra comfort during physical activities, odour-neutralising, and a natural alternative to elastane — making sure your garment retains its shape as you wear it again and again.

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